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Lanesborough COA

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Depending upon the actions your community takes regarding your centers activities, you may need to consider assessing how your COA can assist seniors outside of the center. Seniors may need assistance with:

  • Accessing Food, Medications & other supplies: if they are not able to shop for themselves. Meals on Wheels, food banks or store and/or pharmacy deliveries may need to be arranged to provide sufficient nutrition. Involve available family members or neighbors if necessary.
  • Social Connections:Social isolation may be experienced by seniors who depend on the center to interact with friends and your staff. Consider collaborating with social service agencies to provide telecommunication options (Face time, Phone calls, etc.)
  • Welfare Checks:Consider contacting other agency service providers such as community paramedics or neighborhood watch groups to collaborate on checking on the welfare of seniors in your community.

83 N. Main Street, Lanesborough, MA. 01237 (413) 448-2682